People Photophobia

Strangers on a bench

This photo was taken last night when we were out for a walk along Lake Ontario shoreline by Fairfield House in Amherstview.  The idea of walking up to a stranger and asking if I could take their photo still makes me break out into a sweat.   I want to call this fear of mine People Photophobia.

After all there are phobias for everything.

Rather than walk up to this couple that decided to sit on the bench to enjoy the view I took a shot from behind as a candid capture.  Something about it though works for me.  If I would have taken it from in front of the people it would not have given one the sense of the photograph and what is going on.  Perhaps from the front they would have focused on my camera versus the candid shot that I managed to capture.

There are times when the candid capture is the one we want to be able to show and there are times when the subject needs to be seen head on.  Soon I hope I will be able to tackle this people photophobia and start posting to a group of 100 strangers that I joined on Flickr.

I took a workshop several months back with Bernard Clark a professional photographer here in Kingston.  Our assignment was to try to capture people and if possible approach people on the street and take their photographs.  My buddy Joan and I both broke out into a sweat thinking how could we do this.  That’s when I ended up taking photographs of the many men and women soldiers at CFB Kingston’s medical clinic to become more comfortable with the whole people shots idea.

Today, I was home with my knee that the ortho surgeon told me some eons ago “well you will look forward to arthritis in the future thanks to the drunk driver that hit you”.    At the time, the future seemed to be something that was out of the starting credits of a Star Wars movie…you know the ones… “in a galaxy far far away”.

As a result of keeping the leg elivated higher than my heart because I also am lucky enough to have ankles that swell like balloons  and having my knee bathed in lakota (i figured it can’t hurt as nothing else is really working) I thought the best place was flat on my back with my legs elivated for the better part of the day prevented me from venturing out to take a photo.  Besides, the dog is not too keen on having the camera shoved in his face although he will “tolerate” it if need be (and a treat is a reward for posing nice) so he hid under a blanket for the better part of the day as well.

So there you have it, no “new” photo today because of my “cankles” (short for ankles the size of my calves) and my arthritic knee that required a day of rest off of them.  But, tomorrow is new day so stay tuned.  Perhaps I will yet, get that first photo of 100 strangers that I have challenged myself to take.



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