And then there were two

Quite sad really to see nature at work.

We went down to the lake to feed the ducks as many new ducklings were seen when GP and I were down the other evening.

Of course, the seagulls had to swarm my two daughters, their boyfriends along with, my five year old granddaughter. My granddaughter was in awe of the baby ducklings noting that she would love to just pick one up and cuddle it and then give it back to his mummy.

However, we were not prepared for the horror of nature, survival of the fittest and all. A gull quickly swooped in and took a baby ducking right out of the water and flew off with other gulls in persuit.

My daughters’ and their significant others along with my granddaughter went on ta “wild goose chase” we feared, as the fate of the little duckling was a lost cause.

Nature really is quite cruel and to a five year it can be devestating however, not as devistating to my two daughters who had hoped to save the duckling and return him or her to his mum. That, was a futile exercise.

So, with that, saddened that we had to witness nature at work we left but not after making sure that mum and the two remaining ducklings were safe for now.


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