Unsung heroes – they are everywhere and you don’t even notice them

Meet another Unsung Hero

For those of my Canadian pals who have been watching the new fictional television show on Global TV Combat Hospital we know this is just entertainment depicitng a country where our Canadian Forces Medical Corps personnel happen to be.

Here at home, I know these real life unsung heros as members of the Canadian Forces Health Services Group. I have the good fortune of working with the finest trained medical personnel here in Kingston.

At our CO’s coffee break recongnition is given to those at our unit who may be getting promoted, who have had a letter of commendation, have assisted where they were needed and of course we always recognize those fallen but not forgotten.

On Friday, two unsung heros who were in a real life Combat Hosptial setting were awarded a commendation from when they served with the Royal Canadian Regiment as their medical support personnel.

Let me introduce you to an Unsung Hero

Normally I don’t post my photos from work however, I wanted to introduce the world to two unsung heroes of Canada’s Health Services Group “Med Techs”. There are many, many more unsung heroes out there and they go unrecognized in day to day life. You pass them in the grocery store, you are along side them filling up your car for gas, you may be in a line at the bank with them. They have to live with the horrors of war that they have seen, the commrades that they have not been able to save and send home and, we cannot comprehend what they may be having to re-live when the lights go out. They are unsung heroes because you don’t know who they are, what they have done or, how they have helped many young men and women so that today they are home, alive with their families.

Thank God for unsung heroes.


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