A new grandchild

There is nothing like becoming parent. You wait nine months to see the precious bundle you have been carrying that will become to depend on you his or her lifetime.

First words, first steps, first day of school, first love, first heartbreak, first day of high school, first day of college or university, first job, first time behind the wheel of a car and then marriage or committment in relationship. We as parents are there throughout the life of our children for these firsts.

Then the cycle somehow carries on. You get to see your child start carrying a new life to term, seeing that child arrive to the world and you yourself are not only then a parent but, you become a grandparent.

I have become to be known as “Gangie” (pronounced gang gee (hard g’s)) now for some time to “My Favorite Model” as I call my eldest granddaughter having seen my baby’s baby being born back in October of 2005 (an experience that I will forever be thankful to have been a part of).

We are a blended a family with mine being two girls, his being two boys that I raised and a girl that came to live with us for a short while when she became 16. As such, I have become to be known as Gangie to eight grandchildren now with the newest coming into this world three weeks ago.

Our legacy lives on as people. Those children we raised have become adults, they in turn are having their own families and so long after we are gone our decendants will hopefully be still here if man has not destoryed the earth. They can look back see why they say a phrase that makes people think they are an old soul, see where that artistic talent may have come from or, wonder why they have red hair and freckles when their siblings don’t.

A new grandchild brings hope to this world, a new grandchild brings love and above all a new grandchild just brings a smile to your face.


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