Angels watching over me

Graveyards have always fascinated me.

My grandmother used to take me with her to Beachwood Cemetary to plant flowers as she was nervous to go alone … not from the permanent residents of course but, rather, those who may be visiting or, as she said in thick Scottish accent from “men waiting to attack women that are alone”. Uh huh so what is a young teenage girl supposed to do to help an old lady I thought but that wasn’t the point…safety in numbers I guess.

Sorry I digressed there.

It was the old ornate stones, the history of those who were there now resting from the mid 1800’s in many instances.

These ornate larger than life in some instances guardians watching over loved ones are an art form in themselves. Hand carved and lovingly created by a master craftsman so that his creation would forever stand the test of time and watch over those long gone.

The lichens growing on the stones just seem to add to the character of them.

In any event, I had fun phtographing histories and GP had fun exploring history an old cemetary yesterday in Elizabethtown-Kitley just west of Brockville on Highway 2.


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