I’m calling about your ducks work

I realize that everyone has a job to do and don’t get me wrong, I love talking on the phone however, I hate the annoyance of the phone ringing just as Lilly and Cane are about to have a face to face on Young and the Restless.   Then, when one says “Hello” several times without having a response well, it is kind of like having my husband or children listen to me talk.  They hear me alright, they just don’t answer…picture them just staring off into space kind of like the look one gives you with the “deer in headlights” stare.  Only this annoyance is the phone.

Finally a person comes on who can’t say my name correctly so that right there is the tip off.   It’s a telemarketer!

Now I have, opted for the “no call” list that the Government of Canada set up so that these annoying calls are to cease for those who choose to “just say no to telemarketers” however, that has proved to be an exercise in futility in trying to be removed.  I think it actually increased the number of callers in the long run but that is just my opinion.

“May I speak to Meesus Wheelkersen?”

“Yes, I reply this is me” and then again sounding like he is calling from space as it is quite tin canny and very lapsed in the time delay that he finally tells me he is calling about my ducks work.

“Oh, I don’t employ ducks, my dog doesn’t like them.  They don’t have fingers and a thumb so hanging laundry is out of the question and I am not sure if they know how to run the vacum or make a nice meal and I wouldn’t want to ask them to prepare Duck a l’orange for fear it would be a relative of theirs”.   Of course the sarcasism and humour is wasted because of the time contingency thing going on between the tin can and string technology that I am still running on and, I am almost certain this man is on the same tin can and string as I …then again I hear “Yes, Meesus Wheelkersen, I am calling about your duck works” in between static.

“Oh my ducks really aren’t that great at working … they have been watching Huey, Duey and Luey on television and have started to take on their characteristics of work avoidance”.   “No, Meesus Wheelkersen your ducks works”.  “No, I reply they just sit around really, enjoying the sun, swimming in the lake and poopin’ on my lawn … there is really no work involved in that do you think?”

“ummmm”…. more static sounds and then “Meesus Wheelkersen we are hoping to set up an appointment to come and clean your ducks”.

“Oh how wonderful!  Will you bath the dog as well as he is smelling a bit doggie lately?” “Ummmmm no, Meesus Wheelkersen we mean your fur neice ducks”.  “Oh our ducks don’t wear fur here, it’s much too hot, they have nice feathers though.  Also, my neice doesn’t own a duck either she does however have a dog and cat”.

“Have a good night Meesus Wheelkersen” and with that my ducks will have to just find a job on their own as my friend on the other end of the line was not interested in employing them nor, was he interested in bathing them as he indicated later on in the conversation.  I guess I will just have to leave them to their own accord looking good for my lens.


33 CF Health Services Summer Fun

Enough with the water already

I really owe a lot to the Commanding Officer of the unit who is allowing me to tag along and take photographs of the many exceptional soldiers in the medical field that the Canadian Forces has.

It all started last year when they were heading out for their annual BFT (a little march in full gear, a drag of a wounded soldier across a field and digging pea stone in a box from one side to the other representative of a trench).  I had mentioned that I was a student of photography and that people shots were not my forte and would he be willing to allow me to tag along, get some shots of the soldiers being soldiers and I, in turn, would provide the unit with the photographs to do with as they please.

I could not go on the “little march” of 13 km but what I could do is meet them as they “stepped off” and then come back when they were due back for the drag and the dig.

Since then, I have had opportunities abound to capture the unit on “film” for historical purposes, to show the base that these medical personnel really do what they do which is, of course, be a soldier first and foremost.

Recently, we had a farewell barbeque to say adieu to those who we have come to know as family and friends who are now going onto another leg of their careers by being posted away.  That is always a sad time in ones career having to part ways with someone you have worked beside because, after all, we spend more hours awake with our coworkers than we do with our family.

After the barbeque the CO’s Olympics took place for the miltiary side of the house (as Public Servants cannot participate for reasons of legality issues) but I was invited to once again capture the comradery that these people share with one another on film.  It is something that a civilian really doesn’t grasp about the brotherhood that is shared.  Having worn a uniform myself a number of years ago, I can relate to the comradery that was shared along with the fun that allowed these adults could just “play” and have fun versus work or do mandatory physical training.

The photograph above is of our senior Preventative Medicine Technician (PMed Tech for short) trying to avoid getting any more wet than she already was during the olympics.  I have many photographs that I will cherish of this day of fun and laughter and seeing this one makes me just smile because even though she was saying “enough already” by the jestures made here, one only had to be behind the scenes or, in my case the camera to see she was definitely in this for the prize of being on a winning team!

To me, they are all winners.  These men and women who risk their lives during a conflict to care for the sick and wounded.  These men and women who are unsung heros.  I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to record them on “film” and I am hoping that by photographing friends I will be able to photograph strangers as easily.

Sharon’s Shotz is blogging

lady bug on a leafLets face it.  There are all sorts of social sites out there that we belong to.

Me, I have a facebook account, a twitter account, a flickr account and a smug mug account.  On each one of them I think that we are trying to make our mark on the world, show who we are to the universal body of those who are all facebookers, twitterers, flickrers and smuggers.

I am a former student of three levels of Creative Photography at St. Lawrence College in Kingston Ontario and a fourth private level with several other students who moved on to form the group called XCeption.  I am currenlty a student with the New York Institute of Photography as well as the Photogrpahic Institute.

I am an amateur photographer who has had a successful month long gallery show in March of this year with five other fellow amateur photographers who share a common goal of our passion of photography.  Each of us has our own unique style although, I was asked what mine was and that stumped me.  Because, I don’t know.

I love taking macro shots with my new favorite lens a Sigma 105mm macro, I pull out my nifty fifty when I am trying to capture a person’s persona on my memory card or pull out the big guns in my Sigma 105 – 500 mm zoom when I am trying to get that animal or elusive bird on the card as well.  I love taking photos of stuff and had a blast when we got to go to the local steel recycling plant here in Kingston on two occassions and photograph the metal discards along with the not so metal discards.

But, I would love to be able to be more comfortable in taking people shots.   Perhaps when I retire from my day job I will open a studio or even be a freelance photographer….who knows.  For now, I am having fun, learning about photography and taking photographs along the way.

So, this is my challenge and what my blog is about.   It’s also going to be a growth in my photographic journey and a challenge to be able to take people shots without having to put the 500 mm on the camera and hide ten blocks away to take candid shots.

For now, if you want to view my work, my photographs can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gangie or at http://sharonsshotz.smugmug.com/

With that, welcome to the world of Sharon’s Shotz and travel with me on my photographic journey.  It’s gonna be a hell of a ride.